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Akses Education prepares students for Turkish and international university admissions, in addition to teaching Turkish and English.

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Admissions, Visa Consultation, Istanbul Airport transportation, Translation, Notarization, Residence permit acquisition and much more.

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leading company in the field of student services and university admissions. Established in 2014


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We ensure that the student enrolls in the university with appropriate tuition fees and to provide him with all facilities.


Erasmus Program

Most Turkish private and public Universities have the Erasmus program. Erasmus lets you travel from Turkey to any European country that has an agreement with your university. You can do 1 year of education and 1 year of internship in Europe.

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We help you determine your academic major and choose the appropriate university for free. One of the educational consultants will contact you immediately and understand what you want to find you the most suitable opportunity at the best university.
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  • Help you free of charge in finding the most suitable university for you
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